Welcome to the statistics section of Estonian CSD web page!

Here you can find the statistical information about the securities and the securities accounts registered in Estonian CSD and the transactions settled in Estonian CSD. You can also find information about corporate actions and order the lists of shareholders of listed companies. If you cannot find the desired information from this web page, please contact info(ät)e-register.ee.

Registered securities in EVK (as of Jul 26, 2017)

Security type no. of securities
Debt instrument 210
Equities 3,113
Fund unit 115
Unit 2,917

Registered accounts (as of Jul 1, 2017)

Individual Corporate Total
99,624 14,833 114,457

Trading statistics (as of June 2017)

Trade type Trades Turnover (EUR)
SE trades 4,656 12,148,401
Over-the-counter 23,464 56,754,991